December 14th, 2016

Well, we're making moves.
We're picking up and taking this show on the road.

Seattle is the first stop and I cannot be more ecstatic, nervous and fucking nuts right now.  

We have the gear.

We have the crew.

We have the ride.

And we have the fucking drive to show whats been happening since we parted ways.

When I met Benjie, he came over to me and the rest of the guys when we got back from Afghanistan.  His first words were, 'Excuse me. Are you Corporal Sagarino?' and me, still having my mindset from Afghan, replied back with a, 'WHO THE FUCK WANTS TO KNOW?!'

Now we're five years later and it's my turn to ask the first question.

Benjie Vasquez. I'll see you soon, brother.


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