My name is Chris Sagarino. I'm a 28 year old photographer based in the Greater New York area.

I had no clue what a camera does, let alone, what it can do, until around the beginning of 2014.  I had no clue how to show what is on my mind without really explaining what that 'thing' really was.

     I was honorably discharged from the Marine Corps back in 2012 with nothing but a handful of medals and a sack of memories.  I've seen what few and far will get to witness, and what is ironic is that people love to talk about what veterans do, but I have difficulty describing what I would like to say.

insert my love for photography.................. here.

     Now there was a way where I can say how I feel, without being caught in verbal jargon. 

I discovered how to be free after fighting for what freedom is thought to be.

I learned how to speak with my eyes and feel with my heart.

Here is my soul.  Enjoy!